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Since 1985 Time Equipment Rental & Sales has been offering the parts and accessories needed and wanted to upfit and recreate the trucks, cars, vans, and suv's of western South Dakota, Wyoming, Nebraska, and North Dakota! We have made many changes over the years to bring you the most current and quality accessories on the market and will continue to do so for years to come.

In 2015 we choose to change our name to Time Truck Equipment & Accessories as we split the company into 3 separate parts to serve our customers better by having experts in each field and to stand out from being just a rental store. We hope you will stop in and check out our show room that is always changing to fit the times! 


We offer full service install with any product we offer!

From snowplows to mud flaps our staff will expertly install it or maintain it for you!

We will work with you to make sure the equipment and accessories you purchase will be installed in the manner you prefer and the staff will be there to answer questions you may have during the install process.

We also offer a 1 yr warranty on our labor! (some limitation do apply and we will be upfront with you before you make the purchase)


Rest assured we will stand behind the products we offer and install!


Our staff at Time Truck Equipment & Accessories does one thing and one thing only.....

Truck accessories and upfitting equipment! 


With over 90 years of combined experience our staff knows how to take care of your needs from the first quote, to install, to the after the sale service if it should happen!

We do our best to offer you a product that we feel is quality and if you ask us our opinion on a certain part our staff will be honest about its quality and may suggest a different product that is up to your standards and ours! We also take care of you in the after sale by helping with any warranty problems or questions also!



We all love low prices, but those prices  can come with a heavy risk!

Consider this before you make that on-line purchase: 

1. Will the part fit what it says it fits?

2. Who will warranty it if it breaks?

3. Who will install it?

4. If I don't like it, how much will it cost to

    ship the item back?

5. Is it a quality product?

These are some examples of what you may ask yourself and we have the remedy for that........

Buy local!

Not only can you walk into our store and touch and feel the product. If its one we have a display.  If its not, (on most products)

 we can order it in for you to see or we can recommend a better product. )  

You get to speak with a human that has sold those products, installed those products and will be there if those products give you problems in the future!


When you purchase local, the money stays in our community and in return we sponsor local charities & purchase goods, and  services from local people as well.

Maybe even from your store or where you work!

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